Drs. Walter & Louise Gutowski

Drs. Walter & Louise Gutowski

Dr. Walter Gutowski focuses on pain relief utilizing low force & muscle balancing techniques as used on Olympic athletes.

“I will give you some improvement on the very first visit, or I will not accept my fee.”  Dr. Walter Gutowski

Dr. Walter Gutowski has practiced in Scottsdale since 1990 and has served on the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Outreach Committee, both as Co-Chairman and Chairman.  He has also participated and been a member of Toast Master’s, Lions Club, Optimist Club and Kiwanis at different times over the years. He enjoyed community service and watching Scottsdale grow. 

Being a graduate of Lindsay Hopkins Technical School of Massage, the only federally funded course in massage in the United States, allowed him to gain experience in several muscle disciplines.

While working for a chiropractor as a licensed massage therapist, he attended the 100-hour doctor Applied Kinesiology classes.  That is the initial background training that is part of the chiropractic care provided for the Olympic athletes at the Olympic games.                    

He worked in several chiropractic offices as a licensed massage therapist prior to returning to college at the age of 37 to become a chiropractor.  He then attended and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic. 

The combination of the various muscle techniques that he learned during his licensed massage therapist years gives his patients specific muscular balancing along with various chiropractic techniques to produce adjustments that are immediately more effective and lowers the overall cost of the patient’s care.

Dr. Louise Gutowski
Louise Gutowski, NMD
Naturopathic Physician 

Providing Health Care Solutions

Dr. Gutowski is a Naturopathic Physician. She has a family practice, focusing on women's health, allergies, autoimmune disorders, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, migraines, weight loss, asthma and attention deficit disorder. For a more extensive list of conditions she treats, click on the Naturopathy tab.  Dr. Louise Gutowski is on Dr. Weil’s referral website.  Dr. Weil is nationally known for his advocacy in natural health care.

Dr. Gutowski is willing to take the time to listen to you and go over all of your treatment options. If you have a health challenge, Dr. Gutowski's passion is to partner with you to find a solution. She has had great success in treating conditions with homeopathy and alternative methods, such as herbal medicines, diet & nutrition, Chinese herbal formulas, Edgar Cayce protocols and various supplements.

Dr. Gutowski takes your history and symptoms during a thorough first appointment. An individualized treatment plan is provided as well as a homeopathic remedy from our extensive pharmacy, if indicated. Rather than wait for an ordered remedy you leave with the treatment plan and remedy specifically for you on your very first visit.

She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, National Center for Homeopathy, Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, BPW (Business & Professional Women), WISK (Women I Should Know) and Impact for Enterprising Women.

Dr. Gutowski is a national seminar speaker, past president of various organizations and a resource for natural medicine for your whole family.  If your group would like a speaker on various health topics, she can be reached at 480-315-6500.

It is our goal to provide quality natural health care for you, your family and friends and to help you make conscious lifestyle choices to develop the confidence to manage your own health care. Choosing a health care provider is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable and accessible.

We are a husband and wife team who offer a unique type of care.  While you are being treated for your health issues, both doctors will be present taking your case.  Dr. Walter Gutowski will treat you concurrently and you will leave with a homeopathic remedy that very same office visit from Dr. Louise Gutowski.  Therefore, we feel it greatly enhances corrective and healing effects and reduces healthcare costs for the patient in the long run by seeing both doctors together at the same visit. You have the choice of seeing both doctors during the same office visit or you may just need to see one of the doctors, depending upon your symptoms.

We invite you to stop by our office and welcome any inquiries concerning the latest techniques in chiropractic and natural health care.

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